Past Sales

Violins sold

All instruments sold with "Certificates of Authenticity" from world's best experts in the field.

Instruments by G .Cappa, G. Grancino, E. Catenari, J. Gagliano, T. Eberle, A. S. P. Bernardel, C. G. Oddone, G. Ornati,
M. Capicchioni, G. Pedrazzini, G. Lucci, S. Rocchi, A. Contino, P. Galinotti, A. Cavalazzi, G. Schwartz.

Bows sold

Some of the bows with "Certificates of Authenticity", when needed

Bows by E. Sartory, A. Lamy, J. A. Vigneron, V. Fetique, E. A. Ouchard, E. F. Ouchard, W. E. Hill & Sons, C. Tomassin,
V. Tomassin, A. Numberger, H. K. Schmidt, F. Lotte, D. Watson.